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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”, said Benjamin Franklin. As an agile trainer I have to teach a different mindset which can be very difficult just to get an open mind from your student. In the past it worked best for me to do this with games. If I engage people in an exercise, they afterwards have an experience we can talk about. Some concepts or problems are not easy to explain, but It’s easier start discussing a topic when there is already a shared experience to talk about. This experience helps me to overcome the teaching resistance of some students.

This is a train the trainer course for people who need to teach & explain agile.


  • How to build games around a resistance you are sensing from your students
  • No Navigation Game for the topic of systems learning
  • Agile Battleships for the topic of change the plan is good
  • Coin Game for showing the difference of Me, We and Company Thinking
  • The Rich Customer for showing the problems of written requirements
  • Pairmaru for the topic of working in pairs



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Gesamter Workshop

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