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Nobody likes to play a game where he/she has the impression there is a disadvantage of winning the game. This makes the game unattractive very fast.

When combining the business world with its processes and rules you have to be pretty sure, that the two systems – the business system and the game system – are not interacting in a bad way. If the “player” feels cheated or the game isn’t fun, it has no value or in the worst case can be burden. If you use gamification to spice up your business world there is the possibility that the rules lead to dynamics that work in a different direction.

As a game designer you focus on the player experience (or user experience called in product development) and try to enhance it with every rule you add/change to the system. With the help of the MDA Framework we will look at some real world examples and analyse the rules, the connection of the worlds and how they can affect the game flow and fun.

Gamification can be a support real work, but still is a game that is played and at it’s heart is the player experience. I played games all my life, studied Game Design, won game design awards and still play digital and analog games whenever I can. My learning curve about the Art of Game Design had some rough realisations which you need to go through to make better games.

When gamification rose up in the business world and heard the stories how the tried to bring play into companies I often had one thought: “These are broken games, because the are cheating the players”. And cheating kills fun. If the gamification is just not working it is possible to try different set of game rules. But if a game is “used” to force the player to act in a way which is not the best strategy to win the game and can feel like trying to cheat the employee. In your free time you just put your game back in the box and do something else. In the business world the employee probably stays.


  • A brief overview about gamification
  • MDA Framework and the connection between game rules and player experience
  • Core Game Mechanics
  • Cheating in Games
  • Colliding Worlds: Business System and the Game System



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