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We are uncovering better ways of training the agile mindset by doing it and helping others do it!


We need more fun and fireworks!

// Jurgen Appelo


What I offer

The Agile Mindest

Let’s train the agile mindset, the principles, values and believes. What are the key factors behind an mindset? Why is it as human difficult to live that way? Whatever  practices you choose (Scrum, Lean/Kanban, LeSS, …) – train your mindset first

Sharpen your Vison

Nothing works best as having a vision or mission! It’s your guiding star in the sky. Well it is a nice metaphor … Let’s keep it sharp – together!

Build a living culture

Gamification, Management 3.0, Design Thinking, Lean Thinking – they have one thing in common: They are practices which have the potential to make a company culture alive. Bad applied your teams will loose most probably their motivation!

The feeling of "being alive" and work are compatible! Creativity, Productivity and Effectivity will rise!

Philipp HorwathAgile Trainer, Mental Trainer

The Way I Work

Teaching & Training

I can teach you the Agile Mindset, Management 3.0, Agile Practices, Trust Building or Supportive Leadership. Let’s cover the basics first in an entertaining hands on workshop!


Sometimes we want the same thing, but the person on the opposite side of the table can’t get it! Right! Right? An external person can easier facilitate a meeting with the goal to close it with success.

Mental Tools

Change is hard. It is easier if you know how our brain works. Mental Coaching is like a toolbox where I train you the tools for you own success.

Learning by Doing

You only know if it something truly works, if you try it. No reasoning, No Thinking, No dreaming will give you the experience. In my workshops you tried it, you did the single most important step – you did it – and you have a experience to grow on.

Think Visual, Work Visual

Visual are processed 60.000 times faster than text. We should take advantage about that, but commonly we are not used to use scribble or draw.

Improve litte, Improve often

Rome wasn’t build on a day and our brain can’t change over night. Changing everything is hard. Create a vision, know why and make a step-by-step plan. It’s way easier and you stay confident and motivated.

Everybody sees the World with his/her own eyes

It doesn’t matter what I believe.
It doesn’t matter what they believe.
It matters what you believe, think and experience.

Sharpen your focus

Your focus is your mental guidance every day. If you focus on problems & complaining you get better at this, day by day. If you focus on improving, you challenge yourself everyday and get better than the day before.

There is always a way

And you know it. Maybe you just haven’t found it yet and need a change of view, a fresh idea or even a little push – but there is a way!

Workshop Feedback

Agiles Mindest und Spirit

Was nehme ich mit?

Die Angst for der Agilität

Was lasse ich hier?

Ich hab keine Timebox, ich kann nicht arbeiten!

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